Good thinking, Watson!


Brainstorming, conceptboosting, disruptive thinking, serious play methods, Disney rooms, reviewing creative ideas and business plans. 


Good thinking, Watson is one of my initiatives in cooperation with Cornelia Traudtner, who's a business developer & strategic marketing professional. We started this service, because during the years, many people asked us what we thought of their ideas, concepts or businessplans in order to take those darlings to a higher (and more successful) level. Or kill them.


Sounds interesting?


Today you can hire Good thinking, Watson as brainstorm partner and/or conceptbooster to initiate sessions with your stakeholders and ask the right questions. Together we can solve problems, take challenges and make your concept, campaign, project and/or business to a success.


Together we have a broad experience in advertising, art, (interior) design & culture, (strategic) marketing communication and retail (b2c) projects. But we are also available for serious start-ups in many fields. We can organise, lead and deliver the transparant and objective feedback you are looking for.


Good thinking, Watson is looking forward to hear from you.

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