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Private knowledge bootcamps (one to one)


Sharing my knowledge is what I like most. I worked as digital and online projectmanager in media and creative industry, and love to share my insights with you!

Together we can boost your skills and close the online knowledge gap you might have.

These private 'knowledge bootcamps' are especially for project- and/or account managers and creatives who work in media and/or the creative industry. These intense bootcamps are given in a fun, contemporary and original way, decorated without the regular bla bla.


We identify all the skills together based on a fun quiz and Q&A's. Then we discuss a number of relevant themes or topics with each other, while  sharing my experiences and insights with you. After a few sessions you will be able understand the digital landscape and be able to run your projects and tracks without any doubt.


Popular themes and topics:

// How digitalsavvy are you?

// Terminology

// Procesflow digital projects and phases

// Trending topics, new developments

// Media

// Roles & responsibilities. DNA teams, agencies and clients.

// Social Media

// Content creation

// SEO & Analytics

// Projectmanagement tools, ways of working, methods

// Tips & Tricks

Please contact me for further details on full programmes and costs.

Only interested in coaching or mentorships? Please check this page.



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