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Knowledge bootcamps (in company)


Sharing my knowledge is what I like most. That's why I started organizing custom in company 'knowledge bootcamps' especially for project- and/or account managers who work at agencies in the creative industry. These bootcamps are given in a fun, contemporary and original way, decorated without the regular bla bla. A small setting is required, so there is much room for interaction. We identify all the skills together based on a fun quiz and Q&A's. Then we discuss a number of relevant themes or topics with each other, while 

sharing my experiences and insights with the group.


Popular themes and topics:

- workflows and processes

- tools and methods

- creating and motivation of budget

- statement of work

- managing expectations

- handling  client requests and tough questions

- team DNA, people's management

- what kind of project- and/or accountmanager are you?

- milestones and deliverables



As these knowledge bootcamps depend on requirements within the company, please contact me for an attractive offer.


One to one sessions

If there is need, paricipants can register for a one to one session where we can focus even more in depth on certain topics and in which I may well help with personal questions. How? By listening, asking questions and to show insights into personal values, talents and needs.


A number of questions that can be treated, include e.g.:
- How do I get good insight into what my project involves?
- How do I manage my own time, so that I have room for my projects and also manage them well financially?
- How do I get overview in the timelines? Like if A is running, you have to trigger B and prepare work for C. To carry out B you have researched X etc.
- How can I ensure that to all stakeholders (internal and external) the purpose and character of the project are clear.
- How can I ensure that I understand  when is the rght time I need my resources?
- How do I make sure all internal stakeholders take their responsibilities?


Only interested in coaching or mentorships? Please check this page.



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